Commercial Kitchen Consultants in Bangalore ,karnataka,India

Kitchen Designing and planning

Are you looking to set up your hotel, or resort, or restaurant kitchen? Or is a plan in the offing to set up a restaurant or a hotel soon? Yes. You have the plans and ideas, but you are still in search of a starting point, or you are not sure where to really start or how to go about it. Well, nothing is amiss, because this is where cpkitchen, the hospitality consultant service and restaurant consultants can come onboard and help you iron out the nitty-gritty by helping set-up a world-class kitchen designing and planning.

Food services work very differently as compared to the other sections of any hospitality segment. Food, menu and food services need extensive know how, and this is where we make a big difference by being a part of your kitchen designing and planning. As experienced kitchen designing consultants in Bangalore, we aim to provide bespoke services wherein we help you set-up a commercial kitchen that is in line with requisite standards and is fully compliant with prescribed norms, quality and efficiency.commercial kitchen consultants in bangalore

Our kitchen planning consultants will always endeavour to align with your needs and offer best-possible solutions in accordance. Our kitchen planning consultants take care of the kitchen operations, end-to-end. From the most up-to-date food service concepts out there, it practically covers all areas. Kitchen planning also include setting up the bakery & confectionery unit, the commissary, the hot and bulk kitchen area, the cold storage, cold kitchen area, service bars, dishwashing area, and any horizontal and vertical service engagements are part of our niche service.

Why choose cpkitchens the best kitchen designing consultants in India?

  • Our kitchen design consultants help neatly blend actual design principles with the different kitchen modules. In short, if you are looking for customised kitchen planning solutions, you have come to the right place.


  • We are drunk on quality and that is what matters utmost to the kitchen design and kitchen planning consultants of cpkitchen.


  • We believe in working collaboratively and that is how we can outline the proper kitchen planning and kitchen design solutions. Anything that comes under the scope of kitchen consulting and kitchen design and planning, we are best-suited.
  • Our kitchen planning consultants help plan the design and layout of the kitchen area, keeping in mind whatever is the latest, trending food service models out there.
  • We are result-oriented, fully aiming to deliver our best and we offer cost-effective, affordable solutions.
  • commercial kitchen consultants in bangalore


                        Our Scope of Activities

  • We take up wholesome consultancy of kitchens, right
  • Marking location of kitchen space.
  • Preparation of kitchen layouts drawings department wise along with:
    • a. Civil drawings
    • b. Electrical drawings
    • c. Plumbing drawings
    • d. Drainage drawings
    • e. Ducting drawings pertaining to the Exhaust system
    • f. Gas line drawings pertaining to the gas bank
  • Listing out complete requirement of kitchen equipment with technical specifications & its cost estimations.
  • Setting time frame for kitchen completion.
  • Carrying out periodic site meetings till completion
  • Bill certification up till trial run & handing over of kitchen. (For in details please contact us at +91-9845223403  (commercial kitchen consultants in bangalore)
commercial kitchen consultants in bangalore
Kitchen Design
Kitchen Layout
Kitchen Design
Civil Layout
Kitchen Design
Drainage Layout
Kitchen Design
Electrical Layout
Kitchen Design
Water Inlet Layout
Kitchen Design
Water Outlet Layout

Have a Project Enquiry?

Have a Project Enquiry?

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